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2013-11-13 03:29 PM 1
The board of directors doesn’t like the auditors and wants to remove its auditors. But is it allowed to do so?
2013-11-13 11:56 AM 1
A director tendered his resignation and the board has decided to appoint another individual to fill the casual vacancy. Do I need to publish an announcement for that?
2013-11-13 09:45 AM 1
When can trading resume after a trading halt or suspension?
2013-11-12 02:51 PM 2
What is the difference between trading halt and trading suspension?
2013-11-12 09:46 AM 1
What is the maximum period for a share option scheme under the Listing Rules requirements?
Phillip Lam
2013-11-11 10:50 AM 1
What should a listed company be aware of when granting options to its director, chief executive or substantial shareholder?
Daniel Hong
2013-11-08 09:48 AM 1
Do I need to get the approval of shareholders for the adoption of share option scheme?
2013-11-07 09:52 AM 1
The board of the listed company wants to amend the terms of reference of its board committees. Does that require shareholders’ approval?
2013-11-06 09:44 AM 1
Can the human resources manager be appointed as a member of the nomination committee as long as the committee is chaired by the chairman of the board or an independent non-executive director (“INED(s)”) and the majority of its members are INEDs?
Jerry Siu
2013-11-04 09:39 AM 1
What is the transaction classification method of a listed company under the Listing Rules?