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2013-11-27 10:53 AM 1
What is a blackout period?
Jody Chen
2013-11-26 10:00 AM 1
If a director is a shareholder of the listed company, should he abstain from voting when the board considers dividend payments due to his interest?
2013-11-25 11:41 AM 1
I left a subsidiary of a listed company as an executive director 13 months ago. The listed company wants to appoint me as an independent non-executive director. Would that be questioned by the Stock Exchange?
Tracy Lam
2013-11-22 10:36 AM 1
What is the general responsibility of a chief executive?
2013-11-21 10:46 AM 1
Is it compulsory for the chairman to attend the annual general meeting?
John Hong
2013-11-19 03:46 PM 1
Can a listed company grant a contract to a proposed director for over 5 years?
Chris Wong
2013-11-18 10:30 AM 1
Can I be both the Chairman and Chief Executive of my listed company?
2013-11-15 02:37 PM 1
How often should the board meetings be held?
2013-11-15 10:01 AM 1
What are the requirements on the board of directors composition?
Ms. Diana Ho
2013-11-14 09:35 AM 1
Do I need to re-publish and update the constitutional documents after amendments?
Mr. Yeung