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2014-05-26 10:44 AM 1
What is reporting time limit of a director in relation to the disclosure requirement upon the changes of his interests in the listed company?
2014-05-23 10:03 AM 1
Should a listed company inform the Exchange of the board meeting date for declaration, recommendation or payment of a dividend is expected to be decided or for the profits or losses for any year, half-year or other period is to be approved?
2014-05-22 09:46 AM 1
Can a company appoint any employee to be authorized representative?
2014-05-21 10:31 AM 1
Is the notice period for the general meeting of a listed company same as a private company?
2014-05-20 03:53 PM 1
Should all share capital of a listed company be held by one shareholder or be jointly held by substantiate shareholders?
2014-05-19 02:26 PM 1
Is anybody fit to be the secretary of a company?
2014-05-15 10:43 AM 1
What are the obligations of a listed company in relation to inside information?
2014-05-14 11:54 AM 1
What interests are directors and chief executives required to disclose?
2014-05-13 09:54 AM 1
How many independent non-executive directors should a listed company appoint? What are their qualifications?
2014-05-12 02:24 PM 1
Is there any obligation for shareholders holding shares of the listed companies?
Casey Hung