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2011-10-28 01:38 PM 1
Some of our former employees/directors had realized gains during the 12-months to 31 March Year X by the exercise of share options previously granted to them. Should we submit a form IR56B in respect of each person's realized gains?
Tina Ma
2011-10-28 01:38 PM 1
If I leave employment on 15 October 2011 and remain unemployed until 30 November 2011. May I be exempt from payment of Provisional Salaries Tax (“PST”) for year of assessment 2011/12?
Ms. Xie
2011-10-28 12:51 PM 1
Do I need to file any Employer's Return in respect of fees paid to persons providing service to me but who are not my employees, such as sub-contractors and professional consultants?
2011-10-28 11:23 AM 1
What methods of payment do you accept?
2011-10-28 10:53 AM 1
Why do you charge a fee for the bank introduction?
Ricky Hui
2011-10-28 10:52 AM 1
2011-10-28 10:25 AM 1
2011-10-28 10:22 AM 1
Do the banks you represent provide debit cards?
Alex Leung
2011-10-28 10:00 AM 1
I resigned on 1 March 2011. As I was required to pay one month's salary in lieu of notice to my employer, I was not paid the salary for February 2011. For the year of assessment 2010/11, should I pay tax on my salaries for 10 months or 11 months?
2011-10-28 09:52 AM 1
I left my employment on 15 March 2011. My employer did not work out my entitlements to bonus and commission and did not pay them to me until 30 April 2011. Are these receipts taxable, and if they are, in which year of assessment should they be included as my assessable income?