Investment Migration Services

BMI Investment Migration Services Limited〈“BMIIms”〉, a member of the BM Intelligence Group, is a leading professional service provider of comprehensive, reliable and one-stop immigration consultancy services for various Investment Migration Programmes〈“IMPs”〉.

Mission Statements

  • Provide the highest level of specialist immigration services to both private & corporate clients;
  • Employ all available resources & expertise in the field to successfully complete each applications;
  • Commit to a fair, honest, legal & ethical treatment of our clients;
  • Maintain ongoing hi-efficient advisory services throughout.


  • Hong Kong IMP – Capital Investment Entrant Scheme〈“CIES”〉;
  • Other IMPs – UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malta.

 “One-stop” Service Scopes –“CIES” 
Phase (I) – Initial Process

  • initial meeting to evaluate eligibility and chances of success;
  • put forward the most favorable case for you & your family;
  • audit on personal assets &/or real estate valuation (if necessary) for the 2-yr period preceding your application;
  • obtain permanent resident status from a foreign country (if required);

Phase (II) – Investment Safety

  • provide you with the most up-dated information for investments;
  • tailor-made an investment portfolio to your exact needs;
  • introduce local AAA banks (i.e. HSBC, Standard Chartered, BA..) for account opening, ensuring you have full control of all transactions, BMIIms need not to touch your cash transferring;
  • assist with your instructions only, the investing monies go directly from your bank account to the designated investment units i.e. securities, funds, lawyers (real estates selling party) etc;

Phase (III) – Close Monitoring

  • help to keep record of every change to your investment portfolio;
  • comply with the IMP rules, advice (optional) on the switches of investment from one class to another, maximize your investment yields;
  • watch for every possibilities not to becoming disqualified midway accidentally;
  • submit annual reports (for 7-yrs) to Immigration as required and preparation of tax returns;

Phase (IV) – Settlement

  • assistance in home finding, providing information in different residential areas with matching education networks;
  • assistance in school entrant procedures for your children;
  • assistance in application of local drivers license, banking facilities such as credit/ETC cards, credit lines, mortgages, safety deposit boxes and the like;
  • Our ongoing hi-efficient advisory service, protecting your interest in everyway.


For further information, please feel free to contact
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