Corporate & Financial Communications
As a member of BM Intelligence, BM Innovation Limited (BMI Innovation), provides integrated corporate communications focusing on financial aspect. With vast experience and knowledge in corporate finance, financial marketing and stock market analysis, we can assist clients to achieve effective communications with their target audiences.

Scope of Services

IPO Communications

  • Positioning the company
  • Media relations programme
  • Press conference
  • Investor relations programme
  • Production of promotional materials
  • Legal advertisement
  • Handling media techniques trainings/ rehearsals
  • IPO celebration
  • Post publicity communications support

Investor Relations

  • Analysts and fund managers conference
  • Publish company newsletters regularly
  • Site visit to factory
  • Presentations
  • Collecting analysis report

Media Relations

  • Press release
  • Arrange media interview
  • Site visit to factory
  • Press conference
  • Supervise media reports

Public Announcement

  • Chairman report
  • Management business discussion and analyst section
  • Press conference
  • Annual shareholder assembly

Communications Training

  • Audience/ situation analysis
  • Message development
  • Understanding the media
  • Presentation tips and techniques
  • Role-play exercises
  • Handling tough questions
  • On-camera techniques


 Event Management
“BMI Innovation” are specialized in organizing and managing regional and international events, which includes all kinds of conferences and seminars, exhibitions, presentations, training courses, delegations and visits, corporate training, as well as the formation and management of associations. Through our vast experience and extensive network, we provide clients with a comprehensive range of services from planning, budgeting, coordination, marketing and promotion, to on-site management of the event.

Scope of Services

Promotion & Publicity

Because many people gauge the success of an event on the number of participants attended, hence effective marketing, public relations and publicity play an important role in all events. By our experience and strong network, we ensure a widespread publicity of your event.

Programme Management

We believe that a good program management should pay close attention to every single part of the programme logistics, in order to ensure that it runs smoothly and professionally.

Budget Planning

Every detail business planning should start with an appropriate budgeting. We assist our client to establish an effective budget plan in order to achieve their financial objectives.

Social Programme

An international conference and exhibition is incomplete without a social programme to entertain and to introduce participants with delights found in Hong Kong. From cocktail reception, banquet to theme party, we ensure that we provide clients with a memorable event.

Destination Management

Strategic alliances with many Hong Kong hotels and travel agents allow our clients to enjoy the best rates while maintaining the highest standard of services.

On-site Management

Once all the planning has been finalized, we would provide a delicate logistical and operational on-site management, in order to ensure a smooth rundown of the event.



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