Pre-IPO Consultancy

BMI Consultants Limited ("BMIC") is a member of BM Intelligence, which was formerly known as "B & M Consultants Limited". For many years, BMIC has been engaging in rendering business, accounting and corporate development.

Besides corporate financial services, we also provide professional business development consultancy to corporate clients. Our management consultants give advices on business operation and organizational structure in order to enhance productivity and operating efficiency.

BMIC especially focuses on the business consultancy industry in PRC and we are planning to extend our services to the Asia Pacific region in near future.

Scope of Services

BMIC provides a wide range of corporate financial services to assist companies in raising capital for the future business development and maximizing profits for shareholders and companies.

Private Placement

Private placement provides a lower-cost alternative source other than IPO with more flexible choices of amount and methods of capital injection. Throughout the process, we assist clients in preparing documents such as feasibility studies and business plan, searching for and contacting interested investors, placement consulting and follow-up, assessing corporate value in order to bargain for a fair price of the placement, assistance in designing the best capital structure, as well as striving for the best placement terms

Acquisition and Merger

During acquisition and merger, professional knowledge is essential for a company to acquire its potential investment value, identifying the suitable company for merger or finding the right investment project. So, we provide assistance in evaluating your company or independent investment project, coordination of negotiation between clients and professionals on financing terms and methods, preparing confidential information memorandum, carrying out investigative Due Diligence, legal advice from our corporate lawyers, taking up the intermediary role to search for suitable investors, assistance in designing the most effective corporate structure and tax planning.

Debt Financing from Bank or Other Financial Institutions

Debt financing, with simpler procedures, incurs less financing cost than equity financing. But companies need to understand their own financial positions and leverage impact of debt financing. Hence, we assist clients in providing supporting documents to banks for an efficient and smooth screening process, negotiating with the banks on loan arrangements, preparing debt financing proposal to banks, identifying the most cost-effective debt financing plan in the interest of your company according to your company's financial positions, preparing cash-flow statements for the bank's reference to assess the debt repayment ability of the companies.

Go Public

Going public is a significant milestone for a company, which generate abundant working capital for future developments, improve the company's reputation and creditability among its suppliers and customers and provide easier access to capital market for refinancing. We provide full range professional services throughout the listing procedure, which include conducting feasibility study, contacting security brokers, implementing organizational restructure and tax planning, reviewing accounting records, auditing, referring and coordinating various professional bodies, assisting the company in preparing IPO prospectus as well as marketing the sales of stock.

Key Stages of IPO

e provide effective and comprehensive IPO plans for our clients and help facilitating the co-operation between our clients and related professionals such as accountants, sponsors and lawyers, etc. Our smooth and well-planned IPO process can be divided into three main stages and professional advices will be provided in each stage.

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