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Congratulations to 361 Degrees International Limited (Stock Code: 1391) for successfully listing in Hong Kong

We are glad to provide assistance to 361 Degrees International Limited for its successful listing in Hong Kong in early July. 361 Degrees International Limited is a comprehensive sports goods company integrating branding, R& D, design, production and distribution, with products covering sports shoes, clothes and related sports accessories and etc. 361¢X has won various prizes such as "Famous Brand in China", "Well-known Trademark in China" in 2005 and 2006 successively and become an leader of the industry rapidly. On March 12, 2009, 361¢X, the Prestige Partner of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, successfully signed the contract with the Olympic Council of Asia to become its official global sponsor, which is the only sports brand in China sponsoring? top Asian sports events while being the official global sponsor of the Olympic Council of Asia at the same time so far.


Expanding Our Global Coverage to Japan

BMI Appraisals further expands its services to Japan by establishing partnership with a leading real estate appraisal firm named Tokyo Kantei Co., Ltd. (¡§Tokyo Kantei¡¨) in March 2009, followed by our alliances with several well-recognized valuation companies in the US, UK, PRC, Hongkong and Taiwan. The new alliance has further enhanced our leading position in the global market and our competence in providing professional and reliable valuation services for our clients.

Tokyo Kantei Co., Ltd. (¡§Tokyo Kantei¡¨) specializes in various services such as real estate appraisal, provision of property data-base, due diligence and soil contamination risk management. It is also one of the top 10 appraisal firms in Japan, with headquarters in Tokyo and branch offices in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

On the day of signing the contract, our Managing Director, Dr. Cheng Chak Ho, had a meeting in person with Mr. Kazufumi Minami, the Managing Director from Tokyo Kantei in Japan. The signing ceremony was completed smoothly by both parties in a friendly atmosphere at the headquarters of Tokyo Kantei in Tokyo, officially marking the expansion of our services to Japan as well as other Asian regions.



BMI Appraisals Opens Its Office in Melbourne, Australia

The Group, having its base in Hongkong and potential market in Mainland market, , is actively expanding to overseas markets. BMI Appraisals, the strategic alliance of the Group, has officially commenced the operation in the office of Australia in April 2009, to provide professional and high-efficient appraisal services in the local industry.



New Service of Professional Rating Service

Every Hong Kong business will receive an annual rateable value (RV) assessment in respect of the property it occupies in 2009. Under the Rating Ordinance, the ratepayer who is not satisfied with the new RV of his property can lodge an objection to the Rating & Valuation Department (RVD) by May 2009.

To better serve our clients, BMI Appraisals has an established rating valuation team dedicated to carrying out RV assessments especially forbulk tenements or special properties. Our rating valuation team will perform the following tasks on your behalf:-
  1. Carry out an initial rental assessment of each concerned property;
  2. Prepare submission of proposals to the RVD;
  3. Conduct detailed analysis and valuation for each concerned property;
  4. Prepare for discussions or attend meetings with the officials of the RVD.

Our team members have sound experience and solid expertise in dealing with various rating objections. We have recently engaged by a number of clients including some large corporations and quasi-government organizations in dealing with more than 350 tenements which comprise commercial shopping arcades, car parks, warehouses, office/industrial developments, land holdings, TV studios and the like.

If you have raised the objection on your own before the prescribed deadline, and that you wish to employ a professional surveyor to follow up the matter, we are pleased to provide our professional Rating Service in this regard.



<Valuation for Public Disclosure ¡V A Practice Manual in Valuing Properties in Hong Kong and China> Published by BMI Appraisals Limited in May 2009.

A listing status could offer potential companies an abundance of opportunities to capital for growth. To enjoy the advantages after listing, the issuer has first to meet the most stringent requirements, consider the wider implications of such listing exercise, and the most important of all, to be acquainted with various listing procedures and rules. As one of the above listing requirements for public documentation, the property valuation has attracted more and more concerns and focuses. As a practice manual aiming at providing an overview in relation to the property valuation for public documentation purpose, this book almost covers all of the major issues involved in the exercise. It starts from introducing the basic listing requirements, summarizing the process for a listing application to providing an insight on the role of various professional parties.

To cope with the rapid market change, we incorporate new financial and accounting reporting standards related to property valuation into the book. Land system in China is a rather complicated issue especially to those who are unfamiliar to it. This book gives a basic knowledge to valuers on the land tenure system and the identification of different title documents for their ease of work. Some special issues for entering Chinese real estate market are introduced as a reminder. This book also serves as a quick reference to estate surveyors, practicing lawyers, accountants and auditing professionals who handle related topics in their daily work. For academic purpose, this book can be used as a textbook for the tertiary institutions who are having similar surveying courses, or as a reference book for students who are interested in the subject.

Being one of our targeted readers, senior management of potential listing companies may find this practice manual useful by giving a clear, concise introduction of various topics important to them to make strategic decisions before going ahead. This book also serves as a quick reference to estate surveyors, practicing lawyers, accountants and auditing professionals who handle related topics in their daily work. For academic purpose, this book can be used as a textbook for the tertiary institutions who are having similar surveying courses, or as a reference book for students who are interested in the subject.



Dr. Tony Cheng, Director of BMI Appraisals Limited being interviewed by Economic Digest in June 2009




BMI Appraisals Limited has recently has the following successful cases:

Valuation Projects
Company Name: Wing Shan International Limited
Stock Code: 0570
Circular issue date: 31/12/2008
Project Nature: Assets and Liabilities valuation
Company Name: Strong Petrochemical Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 0852
Date of Listing: 12/01/2009
Project Nature: Property valuation
Company Name: TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 1070
Circular issue date: 23/01/2009
Project Nature: Property and Plant & Machinery valuation
Company Name: Hua Lien International (Holding) Company Limited
Stock Code: 0969
Circular issue date:23/01/2009
Project Nature: Convertible Notes valuation
Company Name: New Times Group Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 0166
Circular issue date: 20/02/2009
Project Nature: Oilfield valuation
Company Name: CNPC (Hong Kong) Limited
Stock Code: 0135
Circular issue: 09/03/2009
Project Nature: Property valuation
Company Name: Hong Kong Resources Holdings Company Limited
Stock Code: 2882
Circular issue date: 12/06/2009
Project Nature: Property Valuation
Company Name: Mascotte Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 0136
Circular issue date: 15/06/2009
Forest valuation: Forest valuation
Company Name: China Yunan Tin Minerals Group Company Limited
Stock Code: 0263
Circular issue date: 26/06/2009
Project Nature: Mine Valuation

Company Name: China Sciences Conservational Power Limited
Stock code: 0351
Circular issue date: 29/07/2009
Project Nature: Property/Business valuation

Company Name: China Properties Investment Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 0736
Circular issue date: 30/07/2009
Project Nature: Mine valuation

BMI Professional Translation Services Limited has recently and had the following successful case:

Company Name: 361 Degrees International Limited
Stock Code: 1361
Listed date: 30/06/2009




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