Hong Kong Capital Markets Forum 2024, " Driving Growth with Market Integrity and Sound Governance”

Organized by CHKLC, PIEAA, and HKIoD, the " Driving Growth with Market Integrity and Sound Governance”, Hong Kong Capital Markets Forum 2024 was launched on 30 January, 2024. We are pleased to have AFRC, HKEX, IFC, and IFW as our fully supported organizations, along with HKCMP as our co-organizer.


It is our honor to have Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po GBS, MH, JP and Dr. Kenneth Lam, Chairman of Forum Organizing Committee cum Vice Chairman, The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies, deliver opening speeches at the forum. Their speeches unfolded the perfect backdrop for the forum.


The forum covered various topics, including Boosting Liquidity of Hong Kong Capital Markets and Enhancing the Role of Hong Kong as an International Asset Management Centre. Due to the forum's unique and compelling theme, the forum attracted a significant number of attendees.



To learn more about the forum and its topics, please visit our website:


Amendments to the Listing Rules - The Paperless Listing Regime

The Stock Exchange published a consultation conclusion in June 2023 on the Proposals To Expand The Paperless Listing Regime and make other amendments to the Listing Rules. These include reducing the number of documents required to be submitted and mandating electronic submission of documents to the Stock Exchange, and issuers are required to publish corporate communications electronically to the extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. The relevant amendments take effect from 31 December 2023.


Under the amended Listing Rules and subject to the laws and regulations of their places of incorporation, issuers must disseminate corporate communications to their shareholders electronically and may do so without the need to seek individual shareholder consent, i.e. by relying on an Implied Consent from shareholders.


In other words, commencing year 2024, issuers currently disseminating corporate communications in printed form must convert to electronic communication. They may rely on an Implied Consent if such consent mechanism is permitted by laws and regulations (e.g. applicable to issuers incorporated in the Cayman Island, Bermuda, PRC or Singapore) or obtain an Express or Deemed Consent from shareholders to disseminate electronically if an Implied Consent mechanism is prohibited by laws and regulations (e.g. Hong Kong).


An issuer may only send corporate communications in printed form to a shareholder upon the request of that shareholder. Each issuer must disclose, on its website, the relevant arrangements for its shareholders to make such a hard copy request.


Before adopting any new arrangements for the dissemination of corporate communications (e.g. from printed form to electronic communication, or a change in consent mechanism in electronic dissemination), issuers should send a one-time notification to its shareholders individually and by the method that the shareholders have opted for (electronic or printed).


BMI Listed Corporate Services Limited provides professional corporate services for listed companies and private companies of different jurisdictions. For more information, please contact:-

Ms. Eva Lam (Director)

Tel: (852) 2159 5003 / (852) 5175 2662

Email: bmilcs@bmintelligence.com

邦盟匯駿專業培訓中心2小時董事培訓和周年會議 ALL in ONE 組合

  邦盟匯駿專業培訓中心回饋客戶,推出2小時董事培訓和周年會議ALL in ONE 組合抵至港幣18,000,超過50個適用於香港交易所最近修訂之《企業管治守則》中有關董事培訓的要求可供選擇,會議地點十分便利,位於灣仔或銅鑼灣,場地設備完善,支持在線會議或者電話會議。


電話: (852) 2593 9653(周小姐)

電郵: registration@bmiptc.com

網址: www.bmiptc.com

Finance Ph.D Degree in Xiamen University,WISE

Overview of Xiamen University:

Xiamen University is a state vice-ministerial level key university and was included in the list of “211 Project” and “985 Project” for the state key construction. It is one of the three earliest universities to develop the post-graduated education.

  • Ranked sixth on China top ten scientific research institute (issued by Nature).
  • Ranked top 20th in the 2017Chinese University Alumni Association university ranking list.
  • Finance, statistic and accounting programmes ranked 1st in China.
  • With over 140 research institutes and more than 38,000 on-campus post-graduate students.

Mode of study: Part-time

Mode of funding: Self-financing

Applicants must:

  Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents; and

  hold a Master’s degree.

Normal study period: 4-8 years

Research directions: Financial econometrics and forecasting, Financial Markets and Investment, Financial and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Cross-strait financial market research, Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, Labor economics and human resource management, and Industrial organization.

Tuition: HK$180,000 (RMB 150,000) in three phases

Certificate: Ph.D degree and graduation certificate

The Advantages of WISE Ph.D

  • Complete the entire PhD programme normally in four years .
  • Weekend classes, will NOT affect weekday work.
  • Able to join Xiamen University Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan Alumni Association to expand the career platform.

For more information, please contact Ms. Chow at (852) 2593 9653 or email registration@bmiptc.com.


Recently Successful IPO and Public Circular Cases of BMI Appraisals Limited:
Valuation Projects

Company Name: Gemini Investments (Holdings) Limited

Stock code: 174

Circular issue date: 24-01-2022

Project nature:  Property Valuation

Company Name: New Times Energy Corporation Limited

Stock code: 166

Circular issue date: 24-12-2021 

Project nature:  Business Valuation

Company Name: Goal Forward Holdings Limited

Stock code: 1854

Circular issue date: 19-08-2021

Project nature:  Property Valuation

Company Name: China Qinfa Group Limited

GroupStock code: 866

Circular issue date: 30-04-2021

Project nature:  Vessel Valuation

Company Name: GR Properties Limited

GroupStock code: 108

Circular issue date: 26-02-2021

Project nature: Property Valuation

Company Name: Future Data Group Limited

GroupStock code:  8229

Circular issue date: 25-01-2021

Project nature: Property Valuation

Tailor-made corporate training – Directors' Training

BMI Professional Training Centre Limited strives to provide professional, high quality and reliable training courses. Apart from regular courses with fixed schedule and content, we also tailor-made corporate training courses that fulfill unique demands of corporate clients.

Our popular tailor-made directors' training courses covers a comprehensive range of topics related to listing rules, including director responsibility, code on corporate governance, responsibilities of the Board of listed companies and overview of Hong Kong Listing Rules etc. Our courses are recognized by HKEX.

Interested parties or organizations may visit our website: http://www.bmiptc.com

Or contact Ms. Chow at (852) 2593 9653 / meko.chow@bmintelligence.com

Economic Conference Room Rental Package

BMI Professional Training Centre is pleased to offer the rental of conference room at a convenience location in Wan Chai. it is suitable for organizing events, such as seminars workshops, training, press conferences.



Should you have any enquires, please feel free to contact Ms. Sarah Chan on (852) 2593 9650 or by registration@bmiptc.com

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