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Relocation of the Group's Shanghai office on 1st September

The Group has established its business in Shanghai in an early stage with rapid development and business expansion during the past two years. To cope with its needs, we will keep on building up a stronger team and have already relocated our office on 1st September, so as to continuously provide premium professional services to our clients.

Address: Room 1105, No. 2, Lane 525 Fangxie Road Shanghai 200011,The PRC

Tel no.: 86 21 6346 1207

Fax no.: 86 21 6346 1288



Marketing activities carrying out by our Translation Services Team

To cope with our further development and to update our target clients, we have produced and sent out a 4-page flyer to promote our translation services both in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen. In addition, an independent bilingual website for BMI Translation (www.bmitr.com.hk) was launched recently to align with our recent promotional campaign, as well as to provide a convenient platform for customers to find out what we could do for them and to get in touch with us.



A Professional translation software V TRADOS in use

Apart from implementing a promotional campaign, we also purchased Trados, an advance professional translation software, to be installed both in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen to help streamlined our workflow, as well as to strengthen our competitive niche in the market.



7-A-Side Football Match of the Group vs. Lo and Kwong C.P.A Company Limited(L&K)

After a series of football matches including English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Euro 2008, our 7-a-side football match was held on 23rd August. Our BMI team competed with L&K team in an exciting game. It was a blessing that the match finished as a success on the day after the no. 9 typhoon signal was hoisted.

It was our pleasure to have Yeung Chi Tat, the financial controller of Dynasty Fine Wines Limited as the referee to ensure the match was fair and just. Our cheerleaders' enthusiasm has also lighted up the match. All in all, the match was a remarkable event.



Peking University Senior Executive China Study Mission V The latest Economic and Political development in China after Olympic 2008

The 24th Intake of Chine Study Mission will be held on 19th to 23rd November, 2008 in Beijing.China's future is intertwined with ours. Predicting China's future accurately will help one's doing business, overall planning and marketing in the Mainland. Being the focal areas of whole development, Beijing, can absolutely enable participants of the study tour to view big from small.This course not only gives participants chances to experience the latest changes of Beijing, but also invites some of the top instructors and ministerial officials to help participants speculate the coming trends more precisely. This course lets participants to review the past, experience now, and grasp the future.

The main theme of this study tour is China's future development after Olympic Games. Beijing Olympics is a great event of China and the world. Many businessmen were benefited from the Games and enormous profits were gained. However, where and how will China go after the Games? This is the concern of many of us because the answer will affect the prospects of Hong Kong and even of the whole Asia-Pacific region. Through visiting and expedition, and with the assistance of professionals, participants can surely comprehend the current situation. Furthermore, regulations, political-economic relationship and main policies of China will be explained in detail by professionals.

As the latest phase of the course will take place in November, 2008, when Olympics have just ended, it is a good time for us to review Olympics and predict the future. If you are interested in the course, please contact Ms Sarah Chan at (852) 2593 9675 for further information.



BMI Appraisals Limited has recently had the following sucessful casesG

Stock Code: 894
Circular Issue Date: 03/06/2008
Project Nature: Property Valuation

Stock Code: 1003
Circular Issue Date: 23/06/2008
Project Nature: Business Valuation
Stock Code: 290
Circular Issue Date: 30/06/2008
Project Nature: Business Valuation
Stock Code: 79
Circular Issue Date: 28/08/2008
Project Nature: Property Valuation


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