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Congratulations to Artini China Co. Ltd (Stock Code: 0789) for successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

With honour, BM Intelligence Limited has helped Artini China Co. Ltd. be listed in the Hong Kong market last month. Artini is a retail chain operator and manufacturer of fashion accessories and gift and premium items. Their retail network has expanded to Hong Kong , Macau , Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen, Chengdu , Wuxi and Xi'an . BMI hereby congratulates Artini and wishes Artini a very prosperous future.



New branch office set up in Quanzhou

BMI operates in Hong Kong , but it always keeps an eye on Mainland China . After establishing branch offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai , Chengdu and Tianjin , BMI has recently set up a branch office in Quanzhou (in the Fujian Province ) in March, 2008. At the meantime, the office has built close and solid relationship with local banks, government and service organizations. The office mainly provides financial service, letting BMI expand its network and serve more clients.



Establishment of Cooperation Relationship between IME CHINA and IME UK

Established by our strategic ally BMI Innovation, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IME) had built formal cooperation relationship with IME UK . That night, the agreement for friendly cooperation between the two societies was signed by three prominent people from both sides. They are Mr. Li Bo, the China Executive Director of IME CHINA and the Executive Director of well-know Intertek Engineering Service Shanghai Limited; Miss. Wang Xue Lian, the Chief Representative of IME CHINA; and Mr. Gareth, the representative of Shanghai office of IME UK.

During the event, there was a thorough discussion on how to nurture professionals and raise quality. Questions about industrial demand were also discussed. The two societies had examined the prospects of mutual cooperation. At present, IME UK has decided to organize a China-visiting delegation led by the president and chief executive. They will have more in-depth discussions with related experts and responsible people. At the same time, they will hold business forums or seminars to further bolster the cooperation between both sides. At the end of the same year, IME China will also send some experts to UK to study.



m CFA Level I Make it Easy! n to be sold in the Book Fair and book stores

Chartered Financial Analyst is an internationally recognized certificate. It affirms the ability and ethics of professionals in the field of investment and administration. Candidates of CFA need to study for approximately 750 hours, and complete all 3 stages of examination within 7 years. CFA candidates ' ability often improves during the preparation time for the examinations. They are usually valued by enterprises as a result.

BMI always treats the nurturing of talents significant, and encourages staffs to apply for more professional recognition. In order to assist candidates to accomplish the first stage of examination, BM Intelligence, together with InvestStars, have authored CFA Level I Make it Easy!. The book is published by Economic Digest Publications Limited. The new edition of the book will be sold in major book stores in June and the Hong Kong Book Fair during 23 / 7 V 29 / 7. The price is $178. Being the most definitive guiding book for CFA, CFA Make it Easy includes ---

•  CFA Exam Tips: Exam skills, what should be noticed and what are the key points when preparing for the exam

•  5 practical tests: questions categorized according to subjects, upgrading you gradually

•  4 mock exams: let you prepare for the real situations

•  Detailed explanation of 600 financial items: Help you grasp critical ideas more easily

The book contains 800 questions with detailed explanation of answers. Any client of ours who is interested in the book may contact Ms Sarah Chan at (852) 2593 9675. A 20% discount would be offered to you.



The first private fund from BMI Funds Management will be launched in July

We are glad to announce that BMIF has finalized documentation process of the first private fund and the fund will be officially launched in July. It is definitely a milestone of BMIF.

The investment objective of the fund is to achieve medium to long term capital appreciation with mild volatility by integrating different characteristics of emerging market/sector shares and hedge funds. By strategic allocation of assets, the fund managers will explore the virtues of these two asset classes to endeavor optimal return. With a proven track performance of our discretionary portfolio, BMIF received warm response from our target investors. We believe private fund business will be the cornerstone for us to offer well-diversified services, and greatly advance in business scope.





BMI Professional Training in Shenzhen and Zhuhai from 20 to 22 June, 2008

BMI Group consists of different departments, but it is always a team, a team committed to best professional service. In order to enhance the cohesiveness and solidarity of the company, BMI holds training activities regularly to encourage staffs to exchange.

This activity aggregated staffs from Hong Kong , Shenzhen and Shanghai . Responsible staffs talked about the company's IPO service in detail at the beginning. The secret of the sucess of BMI IPO serivce was also revealed V as long as we are leading, we can fear nothing in spite of market vicissitudes.

In the morning of the second day, staffs from Mainland and Hong Kong participated in group discussions, expressing their thoughts on future development of the Group. The training activity in the afternoon benefits staffs a lot. While accomplishing the tasks, collaboration, mutual understanding, courage and even faith are reinforced.

Although each training activity spends quite much, BMI believes that it is worthwhile. It is because building a solid team for customers is never a waste.



Beijing & Tianjin Bin Hai New District Study Tour to be held in November, 2008.

China ' s future is intertwined with ours. Predicting China ' s future accurately will help one ' s doing business, overall planning and marketing in the mainland. Being the focal areas of economic development, Beijing and Tianjin , two pivotal cities of China , can absolutely enable participants of the study tour to view big from small, view the whole nation from two cities. This course not only gives participants chances to experience the latest changes of Beijing and Tianjin , but also invites some of the top instructors and ministerial officials to help participants speculate the coming trends more precisely. This course lets participants to review the past, experience now, and glimpse at the future.

The main theme of this study tour is China 's future development after Olympic Games. Beijing Olympics is a great event of China and the world. Many businessmen take the chances in the Games and create enormous profit. However, where and how will China go after the Games? This is the concern of many of us because the answer will affect the prospects of Hong Kong and even of the whole Asia-Pacific region. Through visiting and expedition, and with the assistance of professionals, participants can surely comprehend the current situation. Furthermore, regulations, political-economic relationship and main policies of China will be explained in detail by professionals.

As the latest phase of the course will take place in November, 2008, when the Games have just ended, it is a good time for us to review Olympics and predict the future. If you are interested in the course, please contact Ms Sarah Chan at (852) 2593 9675 for further information.



BMI Appraisals Limited has recently had the following sucessful casesG
Stock Code: 346
Circuar Issue Date: 12/03/2008
Project Nature: Oilfield Valuation
Stock Code: 735
Circular Issue Date: 28/03/2008
Project Nature: Property Valuation
Stock Code: 8186
Circular Issue Date: 09/05/2008
Project Nature: Business Valuation
Stock Code: 8340
Circular Issue Date: 14/05/2008
Project Nature:Project Valuation
Stock Code: 3838
Circular Issue Date: 14/05/2008
Project Nature: Property/Plant and Machinery Valuation


BMI Professional Translation Services Limited has completed the following translation work successfully:

(1) Shanghai Jiaoda Withub Information Industrial Company Limited

(2) AAC Acoustic Technologies Holdings Inc.

(3) Country Garden Holdings Company Limited

(4) Techntronic Industries Co. Limited

(5) China Construction Bank

(6) O2 Micro International Limited

(7) Lung Kee

(8) China Sunshine Paper

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

1st Quarter Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2007


BMI Surveyors Limited has recently completed the following items:


Luxury Home for Sale


Windsor Heights ,

18 Kau To Shan Road , Shatin

•  House Area- approx. 3,108 sq.ft

•  Garden Area- approx 2,863 sq.ft

•  Car Park Area- approx 1,218 sq.ft.

Selling Price: HK$ 52M



Detached House for Sale


Casas Domingo,

8 Kam Ka Street , Sheung Shui

•  House Area- approx. 3,108 sq.ft.

•  Garden Area- approx. 2,863 sq.ft.

•  2 Car parks (covered)

Selling Price: HK$ 18M


Beijing Liquidated Property for Sale


•  Site Area approx. 17,040 sq.m.

•  Total GFA approx. 10,748 sq.m.

•  Existing Building, 2-storey industrial building

•  Located in North Beijing beyond 5th ring road closely nearby a large residential area Tian Tong Yuan and the Subway Tian Tong Yuan South Station.

Selling Price: US$ 7M (HK$ 54.25M )




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