Our Group recognized by "Economic Digest" as representative of financial consulting services industry for 3 consecutive years

Being interviewed by the renowned Hong Kong financial magazine ˇ§Economic Digestˇ¨, Mr Lowell Lo, Chairman of BMI Group, pointed out that there was a huge demand for professional services in the market last year due to thriving stock markets, ample market liquidity and rapid corporate expansion. Meanwhile, foreign-owned enterprises continued to seek investment opportunities on the Mainland, providing more room for relevant professional services to develop. There is only a limited number of companies which provide one-stop professional services in the market. The Group has established professional teams in Shanghai and Beijing mainly with local personnel to provide quality services. The Group's next target is Tianjin .



The Group's strategic partner "BMI Innovation Limited" honoured as "Caring Company" for 5 consecutive years in recognition of good corporate citizenship

BMI Group has always been dedicated in contributing positively to our societies and communities. This is especially evidenced in our youth internship programme - offering youngsters opportunities to learn and equip themselves through practical work. Nevertheless, one of the Group's core values is to retain its position as a good corporate citizen. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to corporate citizenship in future.



BMI Group's Annual Parties 2007-2008 held in Hong Kong & Shenzhen

Was 2007 a fruitful year to you? No matter what the answer is, we need to set a goal and be well prepared for 2008. As a way to acknowledge the contribution of BMI staff, annual parties were held on 1 February and 14 February 2008 in Hong Kong & Shenzhen respectively. There were not only great meals being served, but also cash lucky draws being conducted, which was undoubtedly the most anticipated activity of this delightful event. The directors and senior management were all very generous in offering big cash prizes, which was a great way to say thank you to the hard-working workforce.



Enrollment of the first Review Class for Practitioner Qualification of Hong Kong Securities and Futures in the mainland of China starts

The enrollment of the ReviewClass for Practitioner Qualification of HK Securities and Futures in now undergoing in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Changsha, Hunan. This is the first review class organized by the HK professional group, IIBA, and co-oponsored by BMI Group in Mainland China, which is intended to provide more professionals of securities industry with better opportunities to obtain the qualification of being a licensed representative in security industry. To know more, please login in

Hotline: 400-820-0949 or 86-21-6360 8969


Beijing and Tianjin Bin Hai New District Study Mission

China 's central government has strategically shifted its economic focus to the development of Bohai Rim area in recent years. Beijing , being the Mainland's capital, and Tianjin having its unique competitive advantages, once again become the centre of economic advancement.

With an extraordinary geographical advantage, Tianjin is at the heart of Northern China 's economic development based on its significant industrial role in manufacturing and logistics.

Own to its strategic location with Port of Tianjin , Tianjin Development Area, and Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin is a transportation hub which can been easily accessed via air, sea and land services . With a robust investment environment which can be compared to key economic regions like Shanghai Pudong, Tianjin has now established its position as one of the key economic development areas in the north of China.

This study mission aims at helping participants to further understand China 's latest political, economic, legal , and market development; corporate culture and various government departments' functions and operations. It is indeed a fantastic opportunity for companies to achieve the PRC market expansion by networking and establishing new business contacts.

The study mission will be held from 24 to 27 April 2008 . Please contact Ms Sarah Chan at (852) 2593 9675 for further information.


The first Training Class of ICME for CNOOC has successfully completed

In January, 2008, the two-week intensive training specilized for the project managers of CNOOC, which was coorganized by IME, BMI appraisals, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Intertek Engineering Service Shanghai Limited, has been successfully completed. In the graduation ceremony, 35 trainees were awarded the certificates of ICME by IME, and the 14 and 21 trainees were awarded the Mid-Level and the Senior-Level respectively. In addition, Mr. Tian Zheng, the General Manager of Bozhong 31-1 Oil Field Project Group and post-factorial of system engineering was appointed the member of the Experts Committee of IME.



BMI Appraisals Limited successfully completed the following projects for clients on stock listing:


Valuation Projects
Asian Capital Resources (Holdings) Limited
Stock Code: 8025
Circular Issue Date: 28/02/2008
Business Valuation
Rising Development Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 1004
Circular Issue Date: 26/02/2008
Property Valuation
Poly Investment Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 263
Circular Issue Date: 22/02/2008
Business Valuation
Neptune Group Limited
Stock Code: 70
Circular Issue Date: 13/02/2008
Asset Valuation
China National Resurces Development Holdings Limited
SGX Mainboard: 661
Prospectus Issue Date: 31/01/2008
Property Valuation
Enviro Enegry International Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 8182
Circular Issue Date: 31/01/2008
Business Valuation
SFK Construction Holdings Limited
Stock Code: 301
Circular Issue Date: 18/01/2008
Property Valuation for IPO
United Energy Group Limited
Stock Code: 467
Circular Issue Date: 11/01/2008
Property Valuation
Bio Beauty Group Limited
Stock Code: 3332
Circular Issue Date: 04/12/2008
Property Valuation for IPO



Department Contact Telephone Email
BMI Innovation Limited Ms. Sarah Chan (852) 2593 9675
BMI Appraisals Limited Ms. Joannau chan (852) 2593 9634
BMI Corporate Services Limited Ms. Carol Cheung (852) 2593 9661
BMI Professional Translation Services Limited Ms. Tweety Tse (852) 2593 9612
BMI Consultants Limited Mr. Lowell Lo (852) 2593 9688
BMI Funds Management Limited Mr. Alex Chan (852) 2593 9696
BMI Surveyors Limited Mr. Steve Luk (852) 2802 2191
BMI Corporate Advisory (Shanghai) Limited Ms. Linda Wang (86) 21 6360 8395
BMI Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited Ms. Julia Wang (86) 755 3322 8900

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