Hospitality Services

BMI Hospitality Services Limited is a subsidiary of BM Intelligence Group (‘BMI Group’). With good reputation in Mainland China and great support from BMI group, we provide the best hospitality service to the immigrants. We not only offer intimate consulting service of high quality to our clients, but also spare no efforts in helping them in their work, life, education and etc. In addition, we own a professional Asset Management team,which can provide premier service of asset management to our clients. In order to offer the personalized one-stop service to our clients to make their lives in Hong Kong easier and more comfortable and nurture their careers and dreams in a better and faster way, we would firstly analyze their financial needs and then help them select the most suitable products with independence and objective attitude.

Service details:

Consultant services:

  • Provide the brochures of “Service guide of living in Hong Kong” to the immigrants for free.
  • Offer 24-hour telephone hotline to the immigrants for free.
  • Help immigrants to contact different agent service centers, like real estate agency, education and domestic helper agency.
  • Help the immigrants learn Cantonese, English and Mandarin,overcome the culture gap and provide other services to satisfy their daily needs by the students from Mainland China who study in Hong Kong.

Asset management service:

  • Organize different kinds of asset management training courses to help the immigrants understand and accept new concepts of financial risk and asset management better.
  • Our professional consultant service team would choose the best and most suitable financial products and plans for the clients with independence and objective attitude. 

Target Group:

  • The ones who need to immigrate to Hong Kong.
  • The ones who come from Mainland China and need to study in Hong Kong.
  • The children who were born in Hong Kong while their parents are from Mainland China.
  • Others who need our help.

Service features:

  • Free Consultant Services: offer help for every little nuance in daily life, such as children’s education, law and culture shock to the immigrants in order to help them adapt to their new lives faster and better.
  • A consultant team with financial planning qualifications: Sharing the same culture values can help us gain trust from the clients and select the products for their needs. Besides we would provide asset allocation, risk monitoring and personalized financial products to the customers as well.

Service advantages:

  • Our group presence in Mainland China is a National Service Demonstration Platform of Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Engaged in corporate service for nearly 20 years, we have built professional service teams and we have accumulated rich experience in corporate service for more than ten thousand clients.
  • Sharing the information, technology, resources and mutual-support from the group and other group partners.

Preparation before coming to Hong Kong:

  • Help understand the basic living environment, customs, laws and so on.
  • Provide transportation information to Hong Kong.
  • Provide information about how to apply for Hong Kong Visa.
  • Look for housing in advance.
  • Look for domestic helpers in advance.
  • Book the shuttle bus and hotels.
  • Buy the telephone SIM card and Octopus Card in advance.
  • Currency exchange.

Daily life in Hong Kong:

  • Help understand the districts in Hong Kong and the information of traffic, living, facility and shopping.
  • Provide the information about different government welfare facilities like nursing home and etc.
  • Provide emergency contact numbers like police offices and fire departments and their scope.
  • Provide information about different transports like metro, bus and ferry.
  • Provide repast information of the Hong Kong style and Western Style.
  • Provide information about the top attractions in Hong Kong.
  • Help open bank accounts and apply for credit cards.
  • Book train tickets, plane tickets and other different kinds of tickets.
  • Book shuttle car, restaurant and hotel.
  • Help choose and hire domestic helpers.
Value-added services:
  • Accompanied shopping.
  • Help hire Cantonese, English or music private tutors.

Kindergarten, primary school and high school:

  • Help understand Hong Kong’s education system and allocation method.
  • Provide school websites and school information.
  • Provide extracurricular activities and latest education information.
Value-added services:
  • Make personalized application strategy.
  • Help fill in and submit the application documents.
  • Help prepare the interview, such as mock interview.
  • Guide on visiting schools.
  • Help look for all kinds of tutorial courses.
  • One on one tutoring by university students.


Higher education:

  • Help understand information about higher education in Hong Kong or overseas.
  • Provide details information about local universities’ education system.
  • Provide details information about all kinds of subjects.
  • Provide latest data and employment prospects.
  • Provide information about student accommodation.
Value-added services:
  • Make the personalized application strategy.
  • Help prepare the education.
  • Accompanied to join school open day.
  • Help fill in and submit application documents.
  • Help prepare the interview, such as mock interview.
  • Provide personalized tutoring service.


Internship and work in Hong Kong:

Provide information about internship and job opportunities for students.

Value-added services:
  • Provide job information to parents.
  • Provide Career Personality Test.
  • Provide interview training.
  • Provide different kinds of mock tests like SHL.
  • Help to improve resumes better.

Excellent Future –student summer internship plan

  • Diversified apartment job openings.
  • Pre-employment training.
  • Mentored by experienced mentor.
  • More opportunities to gain return offer in the future.


Financial Planning:

  • Provide Risk tolerance analysis test.
  • Provide research about investment goals.
  • Introduce all kinds of financial products.
Value-added services:
  • Provide training courses about financial management concept.
  • Explain the risks of various financial products and provide the details information about reciprocation.
  • Make the personalized investment plan.
  • Help plan the children’s education fund.
  • Provide premier asset management service.


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