Recently Completed IPO Project (January 2018): Dragon King Group Holdings Limited

BMI Appraisals has provided professional valuation and consultancy services related to a recent initial public offering (IPO). The recently listed company is Dragon King Group Holdings Limited.

Dragon King Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 8493), listed on the GEM Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 16 January 2018, is a Cantonese full-service restaurant group operating Cantonese cuisine restaurants under four brands.

We would like to send Dragon King Group Holdings Limited our heartiest congratulations and hope its businesses will reach new heights in the near future.

Recently Completed IPO Project (January 2018): Twintek Investment Holdings Limited

BMI Appraisals has provided professional valuation and consultancy services related to a recent initial public offering (IPO). The recently listed company is Twintek Investment Holdings Limited.

Twintek Investment Holdings Limited (stock code: 6182), listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 17 January 2018, is a building materials contractor providing building materials and the relevant installation services mainly in Hong Kong.

We would like to send Twintek Investment Holdings Limited our heartiest congratulations and hope its businesses will reach new heights in the near future.

BMI Securities Limited becoming a Joint Arrangers of the subscription of new shares for BG BLUE SKY (6828.HK)

BMI Securities Limited is pleased to announce we are appointed as one of the engaged Joint Arrangers to provide the related services in respect of the Subscription of the new shares for Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Limited (stock code: 6828). The subscription amount is HKD$85.5M.

Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Limited (stock code: 6828), listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 12 July 2011, is mainly engaged in natural gas transportation; trading and distribution of natural gas; as well as city gas and other related products.

BMI Thailand facilitated the transaction between Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Limited and the Subscriber, Mrs. Surangrat Chirathivat.

Mrs. Surangrat Chirathivat is the president of Global Power Synergy Group (Thailand) Company Limited (“GPS”), which is principally engaged in investment holding in energy aiming to strengthen electricity security for the nation. GPS was solely funded and established by Mrs. Surangrat Chirathivat and her husband, family members of Central Group Co. Ltd. in Thailand. Central Group Co. Ltd., consists of a variety of diverse investments in various corporations, each of which has become the leader in the retail, property development, brand management, hospitality, and food and beverage industries in Thailand. In total, the Central Group runs more than 4,800 locations/branches of store network with net saleable area of over 4.5 million sq.m. and revenue of 2016 over US$9.17 billion.

Beijing Gas Blue Sky Holdings Limited also entered into a non-binding Strategic Cooperation Agreement with GPS to create a strategic cooperation relationship between the parties.

Pursuant to the Strategic Cooperation Agreement, the parties have agreed, among other things, the followings:

(a) In view of the encouraging energy-related business development opportunities and collaborations in South East Asia, Northeast Asia (including the People’s Republic of China) and Oceania, subject to the specific contracts to be entered between the parties, the parties would like to cooperate in selected projects, in the following aspects:
(i) sourcing and trading of liquefied nature gas (“LNG”) for buyers in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia;
(ii) supplying of LNG to power plants and/or other infrastructure in Thailand and Southeast Asia;
(iii) increasing natural gas usage in Thailand; and
(iv) utilizing from each Party’s competitive advantages to enhance business opportunities and development of this cooperation.
(b) The geographic focus of the business will be Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Oceania.

We hope both parties will reach a new height in the near future.

Mr. Zhao Guosheng, Standing Committee Member and Deputy Chief of Zengcheng District, and delegates visited BMI Group

Mr. Zhao Guosheng, Standing Committee Member and Deputy Chief of Zengcheng District, led delegates visiting BMI Group on 16 January 2018 for the discussion of exploring future cooperation opportunities.

Mr. Lowell Lo and Ms. Joanne Wong, Chairman and Director of BMI Group respectively, introduced the services provided by BMI Group in capital markets in different countries to the delegates. Mr. Zhao Guosheng indicated that, no matter it is a domestic or overseas capital market, the final goal was to provide the best services to the real economy. He hoped that BMI Group and Nan Yue Fund to develop collaboratively and contribute to the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area. Mr. Lin Tao, Chairman of Nan Yue Fund said BMI Group was a professional company with good reputation and experience in providing one-stop business consulting services to listed companies. As an important investment and financing platform for the government serving real economy, Nan Yue Fund would in-depth communicate with BMI Group to utilize Nan Yue Group’s professional advantages in the area of capital market. The two groups working together in consolidating resources and enlarging the platform could bring better results in serving regional economic restructuring and development.

The 19th “Corporate Finance & IPO Course Series"

BMI Professional Training Centre and Economic Digest have co-organized the 19th “Corporate Finance & IPO Course Series". This Course Series is designed for people who are interested in corporate financing and rules on listing, and decision makers for listing the company, finance managers, accountants, legal consultants and senior corporate executives. The purpose of this course series is to enhance the participants’ understanding towards business and rules of listing in Hong Kong.

Attendance certificates will be issued after the course.

Course Name



Connecting Chinese Enterprises with Capital Market in HK  1/3 (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Listing Procedure and Latest Policies  8/3 (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Enterprise Valuation and Related Financial Arrangement  15/3 (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Businesses for Listed Companies and Reorganization  22/3 (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Responsibilities of IPO Sponsors  12/4 (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Case Study on Successfully Listed Companies  19/4 (Thu) 19:00-21:00

For further information, please contact Ms. Chan at (852) 3970 9236 or email to:registration@bmiptc.com

Ph.D in Economic and Finance in The Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics , Xiamen University

Xiamen University is a state vice-ministerial level key university and was included in the list of “211 Project” and “985 Project” for the state key construction. It is one of the three earliest universities to develop the post-graduated education.

Overview of Xiamen University:

  • Ranked sixth on China top ten scientific research institute (issued by Nature).
  • Ranked top 20th in the 2017Chinese University Alumni Association university ranking list.
  • Finance, statistic and accounting programmes ranked 1st in China.
  • Finance ranked 9th in China on Network of China & education evaluation in China website ( Ranking of 2017).
  • With over 140 research institutes and more than 38,000 on-campus post-graduate students.

Research directions: Financial econometrics and forecasting, Financial Markets and Investment, Financial and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Cross-strait financial market research, Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, Labor economics and human resource management, and Industrial organization.

Studies: Finance/corporate finance/ investment/ financial econometrics/ e-finance.

Admission requirement: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents/ foreign residents with master’s degree or enroll in Xiamen University Master of Software Engineering Programme.

Tuition fee: RMB 150,000 (pay in three installments).

Degrees receive: PhD degree certificate and graduation certificate issued by Xiamen University

Duration: Four to seven years

The Advantages of Xiamen University – WISE Ph.D in Economics and Finance (designed for working professionals)

School of Economics ranked 2nd in the 2010 Chinese Postgraduates Education Evaluation Report.

  • Complete the entire PhD programme in three to four years.
  • PhD programme is interconnected with the Master of Software Engineering Programme, it will require less time to complete both programmes.
  • Weekend classes, created a convenience environment for working professionals.
  • Able to join Xiamen University Hong Kong Alumni Association after graduate to expand the career platform.

For further information, please visit our website: http://www.bmiptc.com or contact Ms. Chan at (852) 3970 9236 / registration@bmiptc.com.

Recently Successful IPO and Public Circular Cases of BMI Appraisals Limited:
Valuation Projects

Company Name: Goal Forward Holdings Limited

Stock code: 8240

Circular issue date: 5 January 2018

Project nature: Property Valuation 


BMI Group - Major Service Highlights

Setting up bank accounts for Hong Kong and Offshore companies

Due to anti – money laundering and anti – terrorism funding purposes, banks in Hong Kong have tightened their due diligence policy requirements for their clients, making the process of setting up bank accounts more difficult. We are glad to assure that our company secretary team has solid experience in setting up bank accounts for our clients. We understand the requirements of the banks and are able to provide professional analysis when solving account set up issues. Our services can primarily be classified into the following four points:

1. Provide consultation services, including assistance in liaising with the related banks to confirm the basic policy requirements of account set up.

2. Provide company secretary related documents for application uses

3. Help to make appointment reservations with the banks to set up your bank account, including document arrangement, question list provision, company finance analysis and other professional advices.

4. Attend the bank account set up appointment with you

Setting up companies in Mainland China

Provide services to set up companies in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing. Maintenance services included.

Accounting and Taxation

Assist to prepare accounting statements and employee remuneration reporting for tax purposes. Represent your company to liaise with the tax department and etc.

Working Visa Application

Provide services to help your employees and managers who need to be stationed in Hong Kong to apply for the working visa.

Trust Services

Provide consultation and assist to set up trust projects.


If you have questions related to the above services or want to get more information and quotation, please contact:- 

Ms. Sarah Chan
Tel: (852) 3970 9230     
Regulatory Updates for Hong Kong Company - Two New Regulations You Need to Know

The Companies Registry of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region released External Circular No. 1/2018 and No. 2/2018 on 25th January 2018 and announced that two new regulations, which are A New Licensing Regime for Trust or Company Service Providers and Keeping of Significant Controllers Registers by Companies will come into force on 1st March 2018.

I. A New Licensing Regime for Trust or Company Service Providers\

Under the new licensing regime, TCSPs are required to apply for a licence from the Registrar of Companies and satisfy a “fit-and-proper” test before they can provide trust or company services as a business in Hong Kong. TCSP licensees are also required to comply with the statutory customer due diligence and record-keeping requirements as set out in Schedule 2 to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance, Cap. 615.

Any person who carries on a trust or company service business in Hong Kong without a licence commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of up to HK$100,000 and imprisonment up to 6 months.

1. What is a trust or company service?

A trust or company service means the provision in Hong Kong by a person, by way of business, of one or more of the following service to other persons.

  • Forming corporations or other legal persons;
  • Acting as, or arranging for another person to act as a director / secretary of a corporation / partner of a partnership or in a similar position in relation to other legal persons;
  • Providing a registered office, business address, correspondence or administrative address;
  • Acting as, or arranging for another person to act as
    • a trustee of an express trust; or
    • a nominee shareholder for a person other than a corporation whose securities are listed on a recognized stock market.

2. What kinds of Persons can be exempted from the licensing requirements?

  • An authorized institution (as defined in the Banking Ordinance (Cap. 155))
  • A licensed corporation (as defined in the Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap. 571))
  • An accounting professional (i.e. a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA”), a CPA (practising), a corporate practice of CPAs or a firm of CPAs (practising) as defined / registered under the Professional Accountants Ordinance (Cap. 50))
  • A legal professional (i.e. a solicitor or a foreign lawyer as defined in the Legal Practitioners Ordinance (Cap. 159))

3. What are the major groups related?

Based on the explanation of a trust or company service, this new licensing regime will mainly have impact on the corporate service provider, such as secretary companies, persons or entities acting as nominee directors, shareholders, partners or express trusts, etc.

II. Commencement of Operation of the Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 Keeping of Significant Controllers Registers by Companies

The Amendment Ordinance introduces new requirements on the keeping of significant controllers registers by companies incorporated in Hong Kong to enhance the transparency of corporate beneficial ownership.

1. How should Hong Kong companies comply with the new requirements?

  • a company incorporated in Hong Kong to obtain and maintain up-to-date beneficial ownership information, by way of keeping a Significant Controllers Register (“SCR”), for inspection by law enforcement officers upon demand.
  • The SCR should contain required particulars of its significant controllers. The SCR should be kept at the company’s registered office or a prescribed place in Hong Kong.
  • The company will have to designate a representative to serve as a contact point for providing information about the SCR and related assistance to law enforcement officers.
  • If a company fails to comply with the requirement of keeping a SCR, the company, and each of its responsible persons, will be liable on conviction to a fine up to $25,000 and a daily fine of $700.
  • Filing Form NR2 “Notice of Location of Registers and Company Records” for reporting the location of the SCR. (No need to file one if the SCR maintain in the company’s registered office address and if the company has already filed one but no changes subsequently.)

2. What are the conditions for significant control over a company?

A person has significant control over a company if one or more of the following 5 conditions are met:

  • The person holds, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the issued shares in the company or, if the company does not have a share capital, the person holds, directly or indirectly, a right to share in more than 25% of the capital or profits of the company;
  • The person holds, directly or indirectly, more than 25% of the voting rights of the company;
  • The person holds, directly or indirectly, the right to appoint or remove a majority of the board of directors of the company;
  • The person has the right to exercise, or actually exercises, significant influence or control over the company;
  • The person has the right to exercise, or actually exercises, significant influence or control over the activities of a trust or a firm that is not a legal person, but whose trustees or members satisfy any of the first four conditions (in their capacity as such) in relation to the company.

3. What kinds of Companies can be exempted from the requirement?

Companies which have their shares listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong are exempted from the requirement.

* For more details, please visit Hong Kong Companies Registry Website: www.cr.gov.hk.


The above two regulations are the efforts made by Hong Kong government to enhance the statutory customer due diligence and transparency of corporate beneficial ownership in order to fulfil its international responsibility. Our company provides license application service and significant controllers registers preparation and filing service to assist individuals involved and companies incorporated in Hong Kong to comply these provisions. Please feel free to contact us if such services are needed.


Contact Person:Ms. Maggie Ke (柯明洁 女士)
Tel:0755 8256 9661 / 135 1096 1324
Hong Kong real-estate project and house for lease

Infiniti Pacific Properties Limited  is an international real-estate service provider. We provide a full range of real estate services, spanning from corporate occupier services to strategic consultancy, project appraisal, valuation, feasibility studies and market research, property management, facilities and asset management and transactional services. Following are some of our promoting projects.

Duplex - The Royal Court (Mid-Level) The Oakhill - Wan Chai

High Floor, Duplex, The Royal Court, 3 Kennedy Road, ML

  • SA: 2,217 sqft
  • GA: 2,800 sqft
  • 3 large beds (1 ensuite), walk-in closet, 2 baths, large kitchen, large balcony with beautiful central city & harbor view
  • For sale: $83.8M w/lease

High Floor A & B (two units on one floor), The Oakhill, No. 28 Wood Road, Wan Chai

Each unit size: SA: 1,185sqft, GA: 1,551 sqft

  • 3 beds (1 ensuite), 2 baths, maid’s room (w/ bath)
  • 2 balconies with race course view & city harbor view
  • Prime Prime location in Wan Chai close to MTR
  • Good for investment, Best school district
  • 50 A&B Both $70M w/Lease (sale by company)
  • Each unit for $35M w/Lease
  • Car park space $2.2M each
Po Yue Yuk Building - Mid-Level The Oakhill - Wan Chai

Mid Floor, Po Yue Yuk Building, 61 Robinson Road, ML

  • SA: 1,114 sqft
  • GA: 1,463 sqft
  • Two Bedrooms (1 large ensuite), study area, 2½ baths, Maid room
  • Balcony with open view
  • One unit per flat; private lift to your own unit
  • For sale HK$20.8M
  • For lease HK$55K

Special Unit, The Oakhill, No.28 Wood Road, Wanchai

  • SA: 644 sqft 
  • GA: 877 sqft
  • 2 beds (1 ensuite), 2 baths, maid’s room
  • Private, huge with split level terrace SA: 1,347 sqft with open view (Happy Valley & Wanchai view)
  • Prime and convenience location, close to MTR
  • For sale w/lease: $ 18.8M
Clear Water Bay - Beautiful House by Beach Pak Fai Mansion - Macdonnell Road, Mid-Level

42 Sheung Sze Wan, Lot No.655 in DD230 Clear Water Bay

  • Saleable area 2,100 sqft
  • 3-storey village house with large front terrace facing seaview
  • Nearby beachside, full seaview
  • 4 beds (1 ensuite) with car parking space
  • For Sale: $29.9M w/lease

Unique JOINT Units

Pak Fai Mansion, Unit C & D, No. 72 Macdonnell Road, Mid-Level

  • Size: SA: 2,579 sqft, Unit C & D
  • 3 beds (1 large master ensuite), 1 study room, 3.5 baths
  • 1 large family room with open fully equipped open kitchen
  • 1 large living & dining area
  • Balcony with open city view with greenery
  • For sale: HK$ 49.8M
Jade Garden - Robinson Road (MLW) Cavendish Heights - Perkins Road, MLE

Mid Floor, Jade Garden, 105 Robinson Road, MLW

  • SA: 1,304 sqft
  • GA: 1,628 sqft
  • 3 beds (1 ensuite)
  • Large balcony w/greenery view
  • Modern kitchen with fully fitted kitchen appliance
  • Convenience location to Central, SoHo Area
  • For sale: $28.8M w/ 1car park space

High Floor, Cavendish Heights, 33 Perkins Road, MLE

  • Size: N 1,510’ / G 1,819’
  • 3 beds (1 ensuite), 2 baths, large modern kitchen, maid room
  • Large balcony with beautiful greenery / seaview
  • Newly renovated with fully equipped kitchen & upgraded baths
  • 1 car park space
  • For lease: HK$69K
North Point Industrial Building - North Point
  • Gross: 8,750’ Second floor
  • Close to MTR, prime location
  • Suitable for designer’s show flat, printing / publishing, IT software companies, office / warehouse
  • For lease: HK$18 per sqft


For details, please contact Ms. Monita Luk at (852) 9333 3124 / (852) 6982 3998 / mluk@infinitip.com
Tailor-made corporate training – Directors' Training

BMI Professional Training Centre Limited strives to provide professional, high quality and reliable training courses. Apart from regular courses with fixed schedule and content, we also tailor-made corporate training courses that fulfill unique demands of corporate clients.

Our popular tailor-made directors' training courses covers a comprehensive range of topics related to listing rules, including director responsibility, code on corporate governance, responsibilities of the Board of listed companies and overview of Hong Kong Listing Rules etc. Our courses are recognized by HKEX.

Interested parties or organizations may visit our website: http://www.bmiptc.com

Or contact Ms. Chan at (852) 3970 9230 / schan@bmintelligence.com

Economic Conference Room Rental Package

BMI Professional Training Centre is pleased to offer the rental of conference room at a convenience location in Wan Chai. it is suitable for organizing events, such as seminars workshops, training, press conferences.

Department Contact Telephone Email
BMI Consultants Limited Mr. Lowell Lo (852) 2593 9688 llo@bmintelligence.com
BMI Appraisals Limited Ms. Joannau Chan (852) 2593 9634 jwfchan@bmintelligence.com
BMI Technical Consulting (Resources) Limited Mr. Derek Chan (852) 2159 5058 dchan@bmintelligence.com
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BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited Dr. Tony Cheng (852) 2593 9633 tcheng@bmintelligence.com
BMI Funds Management Limited Ms. Joanne Wong (852) 3582 2778 jwong@bmintelligence.com
BMI Securities Limited Ms. Maggie Tang (852) 3575 1388 mtang@bmintelligence.com
BMI Investment Migration Services Limited Mr. William Mak (852) 6303 1010 wmak@bmintelligence.com
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BMI Listed Corporate Services Limited Mr. Lowell Lo (852) 9039 9345 llo@bmintelligence.com
Norcola Company Limited Ms. Eva Lam (852) 2159 5003 eva.lam@norcola.com.hk
Infiniti Pacific Properties Limited Ms. Judy Chai (852) 3970 9288 jchai@infinitip.com
BMI Advisory Pte Ltd. Mr. Kam You Kin (65) 6535 9595 yk@bmintelligence.com
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BMI Corporate Advisory (Xiamen) Limited Mr. Ken Shen (86) 59 2519 0921 kenshen@bmintelligence.com
BMI Corporate Management Consultants (Jiangxi) Limited Ms. Pi Yan Juan (86) 133 3011 2270 pyj1234567@163.com
BMI Corporate Advisory (Beijing) Limited Ms. Pi Yan Juan (86) 010 5870 6784 pyj1234567@163.com
BMI Corporate Advisory (Zhejiang) Limited Ms. Wan Chen (86)139 0575 5796 wchen@bmintelligence.com
BMI Consultants (Wenzhou) Limited Ms. Jiang Hai Zhen (86) 577 8550 9867 haizhen-2007@163.com
Shenzhen BMI Secretarial Services Limited Ms. Kallie Chan (86) 755 8256 9667 kalliechen@bmintelligence.com
BMI Consultants (Wuhan) Limited Mr. Zhang Guo Chang (86) 27 8752 8360 wuhan@bmintelligecne.com
Jiangxi Enterprise Service Co., Ltd (BM ZHUOYOU) Mr. Yang Yu Le (86) 791 8206 1393 jxqfwy@163.com
BMI Guangdong Investment Management Limited Mr. Deng Xiao Xing (86) 139 2361 7888 13923617888@163.com
Guangdong BMHL Investment Company Ms. Hong Cai (86) 0768 2289188 2376359705@qq.com

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