Recently Completed IPO Project (July 2015): Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited

BMI Appraisals has provided professional valuation and consultancy services related to a recent initial public offering (IPO). The recently listed company is Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited.

Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (stock code: 3737), listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 13 July 2015, is principally engaged in pharmaceutical manufacturing in the PRC and the operation of chain pharmacies in Zhongshan in Guangdong province, the PRC.

We would like to send Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited our heartiest congratulations and hope its businesses will reach new heights in the near future.

Congratulations to the following enterprise have successfully listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in July


Enterprise Code



Guangxi Guangmeng Haitie Co., Ltd.


20 July 2015


Yisheng International Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


9 July 2015


Shanghai Honghe International Trade Co., Ltd 


9 July 2015


Hefengyingbao (Shenzhen) Investment Management Co., Ltd


8 July 2015

Investment Management

The Commercial Exhibition Opening Ceremony and related seminars of BM Intelligence Group(BMI) in Thailand has successfully concluded!

BMI, cooperated with the biggest local exhibitor-IBRIX, has successfully held the Opening Ceremony and Seminar of SME BIZ ASIA 2016. The Ceremony was held in July, 29th, and reached a great success.

The exhibition was targeted to the small and medium corporations, and it was aimed to help those corporations to connect with the global commercial opportunities and world capital market. A theme of one seminar of this exhibition is about how to help small to medium corporations in Thai to connect with capital market in China and Hong Kong. BMI was invited to be the speaker of the opening ceremony of this exhibition.


The chairman of BMI, Mr Lowell Wah Wai has paid lots of attention on this exhibition, and has attended the exhibition with the manager of BMI group, Mr. Terence Hong, Chief of group in Thailand, Wanawnat Ma-in and the manager of BMI consultants limited, Mr. Derek K.Y. Chan. At the Expert seminars, Mr Lo has shared opinions about the local small to medium coroprations connecting with the capital market in China, especially the Q and E plates of SHANGHAI EQUITY EXCHANGE; Mr. Terence Hong also shared information of the Hong Kong capital market. Other attenders of the exhibition included representatives from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited and Alibaba Group.


The local small to medium corporations have showed interesting and agreement to the professional of BMI group. After the ceremony, many local corporations have booked the BMI for individual consulting. Mr. Terence Hong, Wanawnat Ma-in and Mr. Derek K.Y. Chan have provided some useful response. 


In the future, BMI group will continue to integrate its global resources to keep make contributions to the financial development of China and the world-wide capital cooperation. 

"Corporate Merger & Acquisition strategies and practical planning 2nd " courses now enrolling

BMI Professional Training Centre and Economic Digest have co-organized the second run of “Corporate Merger & Acquisition strategies and practical planning course. The course series is suitable for people who demonstrate strong interest in corporate M&A, listed companies/private companies decision-makers who plan for merging or acquisition, including financial controllers, accountants, legal advisors and senior executives. The objective is to offer participants an in-depth understanding of related M&A financial and legal regulations, rules, procedures and requirements. Practical strategies and planning will also share during the course.

Course Name


















After completing the full course, participants do not only receive the attendance certificate, but also become a member of the International Financial Management Association (IFMA) in Hong Kong Head quarter for free.

For further information, please visit our website: Or contact Mr. Tong at (852) 3970 9235 /

Xiamen University – WISE Ph.D Course in Economics and Finance PHD (2015-16)

Xiamen University is a state vice-ministerial level key university and was included in the list of “211 Project” and “985 Project” for the state key construction. It is one of the three earliest universities to develop the post-graduated education.

Overview of Xiamen University:
  • Ranked sixth on China top ten scientific research institute (issued by Nature)
  • Ranked top 20th in the 2013 Chinese University Alumni Association university ranking list.
  • Finance, statistic and accounting programmes ranked 1st in China.
  • Finance ranked 3rd in China on Network of China & education evaluation in China website ( Ranking of 2013)
  • Have over 140 research institutes and more than 38,000 on-campus post-graduate students.
Research directions: Financial econometrics and forecasting, Financial Markets and Investment, Financial and Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Cross-strait financial market research, Macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, Labor economics and human resource management, and Industrial organization.
Studies: Finance/corporate finance/ investment/ financial econometrics/ e-finance
Admission requirement: Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents/ foreign residents with master’s degree or enroll in Xiamen University Master of Software Engineering Programme.
Tuition fee: RMB 150,000 (pay in three installments).
Degrees receive: PhD degree certificate and graduation certificate issued by Xiamen University
Duration: Three to seven years
The Advantages of Xiamen University – WISE Ph.D in Economics and Finance (designed for working professionals)
 School of Economics ranked 2nd in the 2010 Chinese Postgraduates Education Evaluation Report.
  • Complete the entire PhD programme in three to four years.
  • PhD programme is interconnected with the Master of Software Engineering Programme, it will require less time to complete both programmes.
  • Weekend classes, created a convenience environment for working professionals.
  • Able to join Xiamen University Hong Kong Alumni Association after graduate to expand the career platform. 
Do not miss this opportunity!
If you would like to know more the course, please view our Xiamen University – WISE Ph.D in Economics and Finance (designed for working professionals) promotional leaflet or please contact Mr. Tak Tong at (852) 3970 9235 /
Recently Successful IPO and Public Circular Cases of BMI Appraisals Limited:
Valuation Projects

 Company Name: Beijing Capital Co., Ltd

Stock code: SSE:600008

Circular issue date1 July 2015

Project nature: Business Valuation

Company Name: Global Strategic Group Limited

Stock code: 8007

Circular issue date12 June 2015

Project nature: Business Valuation

Company Name: Beijing Capital Co., Ltd

Stock code: SSE:600008

Circular issue date: 15 May 2015

Project nature: Business Valuation

Tailor-made Directors' Training

BMI Professional Training Centre Limited strives to provide professional, high quality and reliable training courses. Apart from regular courses with fixed schedule and content, we also tailor-made corporate training courses that fulfill unique demands of corporate clients.

Our popular tailor-made Directors'  Training course covers a comprehensive range of topics related to listing rules, including director responsibility, code on corporate governance, responsibilities of the Board of listed companies and overview of Hong Kong Listing Rules etc.

Interested parties or organizations may visit our website:
Or contact Mr. Tak Tong at (852) 3970 9235/
BMI Professional Training Centre - Conference Room Rental Package

BMI Professional Training Centre is pleased to offer the rental of conference room at a convenience location in Wan Chai. It is suitable for organizing events, such as seminars workshops, training, press conferences.

For further information, please contact Ms. Jazmin Au at (852) 3970 9256/

Hong Kong real-estate project and house for lease

Infiniti Pacific Properties Limited  is an international real-estate service provider. We provide a full range of real estate services, spanning from corporate occupier services to strategic consultancy, project appraisal, valuation, feasibility studies and market research, property management, facilities and asset management and transactional services. Following are some of our promoting projects.

Po Yue Yuk Bldg Square Street No.10
  • GA:1,463s.f.
  • SA:1,114s.f.
  • 2 bedrooms (1 ensuite), close to escalator
  • Balcony with open view, modern interior design
  • One unit per floor, private lift key to unit
  • With 1 car parking space (Add $2K)
  • Asking Price HK$20.8M
  • GA:600s.f.
  • SA:477s.f.
  • 1 bedroom, open kitchen
  • Good renovation with private roof
  • Good location for investment
  • Asking Price HK$7.5M
Beautiful Dream House - Clear Water Bay The Legend, Tai Hang
  • GA:2,100sf
  • SA:2,100sf
  • 4 beds (2 ensuites), 2 balconies, 4 baths, study room
  • 3 terraces, private huge gdn, swimming pool & roof top stunning full seaview, high privacy, direct pathway down to the seaside, large uncovered CP
  • Asking Price HK$180M
  • GA:1,908sf
  • SA:1,385sf
  • 4 beds (1 ensuite), 2 baths, maid's room, balcony
  • Extensive views over the city to distant harbour
  • Fully furnished, club facilities
  • Asking Rent HK$85K 
The Signature, Jardine's Lookout
  • GA: 2,016ft
  • SA: 1,566ft
  • 4 beds (2 ensuites), 3 baths, maid's room, 1 carpark
  • Balcony with dynamic views of city and harbour
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows at the living & dining room to the balcony
  • Asking Rent HK$98K


For details, please contact:
Ms. Judy Chai at (852)2159 5059/
Ms. Monlita Luk at (852) 2159 5079/
Department Contact Telephone Email
BMI Consultants Limited Mr. Lowell Lo (852) 2593 9688
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BMI Environmental Consultancy Limited Dr. Tony Cheng (852) 2593 9633
BMI Funds Management Limited Ms. Susanna Chu (852) 3582 2777
BMI Securities Limited Mr. Elton Man (852) 3575 1314
BMI Investment Migration Services Limited Mr. William Mak (852) 6303 1010
BMI Corporate Services Limited Ms. Janice Lam (852) 2593 9662
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Shenzhen BMI Financial and Tax Consultants Limited Ms.Shirly Ge (86) 755 82569639
BMI Corporate Advisory (Shanghai) Limited Ms. Linda Wang (86) 21 6346 1200
BMI Corporate Advisory (Xiamen) Limited Mr. Patrick Gong (86) 592 8266 642
BMI Corporate Management Consultants (Jiangxi) Limited Ms. Pi Yan Juan (86) 133 3011 2270
BMI Corporate Advisory (Beijing) Limited Ms. Pi Yan Juan (86) 010 5870 6784
BMI Corporate Advisory (Zhejiang) Limited Ms. Wan Chen (86)139 0575 5796
BMI Consultants (Wenzhou) Limited Ms. Jiang Hai Zhen (86) 577 8550 9867
Shenzhen BMI Secretarial Services Limited Ms. Kallie Chan (86) 755 8256 9667
BMI Consultants (Wuhan) Limited Mr. Zhang Guo Chang (86) 27 8752 8360
Jiangxi Enterprise Service Co., Ltd (BM ZHUOYOU) Mr. Yang Yu Le (86) 791 8206 1393

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