Congratulations to China Flooring Holdings Company Limited
( Stock code : 2083 ) for its successful listing in Hong Kong


BMI Appraisals has provided professional valuation and consultancy services related to a recent initial public offering (IPO). The recently listed company is China Flooring Holdings Company Limited.

China Flooring Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 2083), listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 2011, is engaged in manufacture and sale of flooring products, trademark and distribution network usage fees, trading of timber and flooring products.

We would like to send China Flooring Holdings Company Limited our heartiest congratulations and hope its businesses will reach new heights in the near future.

Congratulations to Billion Industrial Holdings Limited
( Stock code : 2299 ) for its successful listing in Hong Kong


BM Intelligence Group has provided professional IPO services to Billion Industrial Holdings Limited.

Billion Industrial Holdings Limited (stock code: 2299), listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in May 2011, is a leading developer and manufacturer of polyester filament yarns in China. The company's main products are Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY), Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY), and Partially Oriented Yarn (POY).

We would like to send Billion Industrial Holdings Limited our heartiest congratulations and hope its businesses will reach new heights in the near future.

Congratulations to CL Group (Holdings) Limited
(stock code: 8098) for its successful listing in Hong Kong


BMI Appraisals has provided professional valuation and consultancy services related to a recent initial public offering (IPO). The recently listed company is CL Group (Holdings) Limited.

CL Group (Holdings) Limited (stock code: 8098), listed on the GEM Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March 2011, is engaged in the provision of (i) securities, futures and options broking and trading, (ii) placing and underwriting services & (iii) ancillary services including application for new issues and nominee services such as collection of cash and scrip dividends.

We would like to send CL Group (Holdings) Limited our heartiest congratulations and hope its businesses will reach new heights in the near future.

Congratulations to the grand opening of BMI Securities Limited


BM Intelligence group is always striving to provide one-stop and all-rounded professional services to our clients. Due to this, we are proud to present the grand opening of BMI Securities Limited on 21st June 2011 in Suites 909-916, 9/F, Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, WanChai, Hong Kong.

BMI Securities Limited provides full range of Securities Trading Service such as Internet Trading, Margin Financing, IPOs and IPO Margin Financing. It not only aims to provide comprehensive financial services to our clients and business partners, but also to co-operate with the subsidiaries of BMI Group to achieve the best business performance.

For details, please contact Ms. Queenie Yip at qyip@bmintelligence.com or (852) 3575 1313

Congratulations to the establishment of Technology IP Services


Intellectual property rights have always been an important intangible asset to business. In May 2011, BMI Technology IP Services are established to assist our clients in securing their intellectual property rights.

Apart from professional consultancy service on developing and merging companyˇ¦s intellectual property rights with corporate strategies, BMI Technology IP Services also help clients to evaluate their intellectual property rights as well as secure them by patent. BMI Technology IP Services step into clients shoes, solves their worries and develop a comprehensive and sustainable strategies.

For details, please contact tips@bmi-tips.com or call (852) 3970 9243

Congratulations to Shanghai BMI for its 10 years anniversary and opening of new office


To meet with the emerging business opportunities in Mainland China, BM Intelligence Group is proud and pleased to announce the opening of its second office in Shanghai on 1st July 2011 with a grand opening ceremony. At the same time, we also celebrate our 10 years anniversary of BMI Shanghai. The new office is a supportive unit for Hong Kong business operations. It provides a wide range of professional business services, ranging from asset valuation, company secretarial, investment migration service, real estate agency, strategic marketing to wealth management.

Address: 22/F, NeiWaiLian Building, 518 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai (Postal code: 200120)

For details, please contact Ms. Linda Wang at (86) 21 6346 1200 or lindawang@bmintelligence.com

New offices for BMI Appraisals, BMI Business Centre Services, BMI Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited and BMI Advisory Pte Ltd.


Due to the recent expansion, BMI Appraisals Limited, BMI Business Centre Services Limited, BMI Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited and BMI Advisory Pte Ltd. have moved into new offices.



Office No.

BMI Appraisals Limited

33rd Floor, Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

(852) 2593 9633

BMI Business Centre Services Limited

33rd Floor, Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

(852) 2593 9627

BMI Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited

Suites C-E, 33/F, & Suite F, 34/F, Times Fortune Building, No.88, Fuhua San Road, CBD, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (post code: 518026)

(86) 755 8256 9699

BMI Advisory Pte Ltd.

4 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 048543.

(65) 6535 9595

BMI Technical Consulting (Resources) Limited - Most Prospective Industry 2011


BMI Technical Consulting (Resources) Limited has been awarded as one of the ˇ§Most Prospective Industries 2011ˇ¨ by Economic Digest in March 2011 in recognition of its leading status and pioneering developments among the industry. Interviewed by Economic Digest, our Director ˇV Mr. Paul Lau discussed about BMI Technical Consulting (Resources) Limitedˇ¦s current developments and strategic plans for future enhancements.

BMI Appraisals, BMI Funds, BMI Innovation, BMI ConsultantsˇV Caring Company Award 2011


BMI Appraisals Limited, BMI Funds Management Limited, BMI Innovation Limited and BMI Consultants Limited have been awarded as Caring Company 2011 by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of their efforts in performing corporate social responsibilities and continuous supports to the community and environment. Apart from providing cash donations to various charitable organizations and frequently participated in social activities, two scholarships known as ˇ§BMI Appraisals Limited Scholarshipˇ¨ and ˇ§Dr. Tony Cheng Scholarshipˇ¨ are set up to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Fresh Fish Traderˇ¦s School respectively, in recognition of the outstanding academic performances of their students. In the future, we will continue to support and return to the society and demonstrate our good corporate citizenship.


Jung Dao Kuen Experience Class- co-organized by BMI Innovation Limited and International Jung Dao Kuen Association



Understanding that living and working in Hong Kong is stressful, BM Innovation Limited has cooperated with International Jung Dao Kuen Association to organize a one-hour Jung Dao Kuen experience Class for our employees. By learning the tactics in Jung Dao Kuen, participants can apply them into daily live to release their stress.

Judy Chai instructed a seminar - ˇ§Hong Kong Residential Property Market Updateˇ¨


Judy Chai, CEO of Infiniti Pacific Properties Ltd, was sincerely invited by SMART Investment & International Property Expo to hold a seminar on 4th June 2011. During the seminar, she shared her expertise and professional comments on the topic ˇV ˇ§Hong Kong Residential Property Market Updateˇ¨. Her sharing and presentation provides participants and potential investors with the right tools and knowledge to buy soundly locals and overseas properties with the right fundamentals that insulate them against recession and has the potential for capital gains. In just an hour presentation, Judy exchanged her valuable experience and insights with over 100 participants.

The Seminar of ˇ§Outline of 12th Five-year Planˇ¨ Organized by BMI Innovation Limitedˇ¨


The Mainland government announces its new five-year plan every five years and this ˇ§Outline of 12th Five Year Planˇ¨ has affected both directly the business environment of the Mainland and indirectly the development direction of the business which Hong Kong entrepreneurs carry out in Mainland. Therefore, BMI Innovation Limited joined hands with the Hong Kong Productivity Council as well as Productivity Training Institute to organize a two-day seminar concerning the Outline of 12th Five Year Plan on 25 May and 2 June, 2011, which aims to provide the administrative staff of small and medium enterprises with professional analysis on the Outline of 12th Five Year Plan. The seminar was held in two sessions, the first half was mainly about the party government structure and characteristics of the Communist Party, while the second half discussed about the Outline of 12th Five Year Plan and the development prospect of Hong Kong.

The first session of the seminar was hosted by Mr. Luk, Yan-lung, Michael, lecturer of the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute. He discussed the party government structure and characteristics and also gave a detailed explanation on the evolution and implication of the leadership of Communist Party. In particular, he explained the basic principles of the two Mainland policies, namely ˇ§democratic centralismˇ¨ and the ˇ§peopleˇ¦s democratic dictatorshipˇ¨. Moreover, the host of the second session, Mr. Lau Nai-keung analyzed the strategic location of Hong Kong based on the main development projects stated in the Outline of 12th Five Year Plan. Hong Kong plays a crucial role in the Outline of 12th Five Year Plan as Hong Kong was integrated into the plan under the principle of ˇ§One Country, Two Systemsˇ¨. Among the seven development highlights, namely boosting domestic demand, developing service sector, fostering emerging industries of strategic importance, urbanization, adopting more open attitude for development, financial and regional cooperation, Hong Kong has its advantages in both the cityˇ¦s brand and international business center. Further to the financial sector, it still needs to secure its role as an off-shore RMB center and an asset management center.

Peking University Executives Training Course


BM Intelligence Group has joint-handed with the Hong Kong Productivity Council and Beijing University to organize a five-days training course from 16th June to 20th June 2011. The theme for this year is ˇ§The latest trend of 12th Five-Year plan on Economy and Politics in Chinaˇ¨. In just five days, we did not only evaluate the effect on the past five-year plan, we also discussed and exchanged our ideas with professors from Peking University, executive deputy director from the State Planning Commission and Economic Research Institute as well as director from the Ministry of Commerce of PRC. This course also covered some hot topics for Hong Kong entrepreneurs, including taxation and business opportunities in China. Apart from classroom learning, we also visited famous state-owned enterprise, Beijing YanJing Beer Company Limited and emerging private enterprise, Air Central Business District to have a complete understanding on business management and operation in China. Last but not least, with over 10 years in holding Peking University Executives Training Course, this year has been a great success!


Upcoming CPT courses from July to August


BM Intelligence Group always believes that success comes from continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest news and knowledge. Due to this, BMI Professional Training Centre Limited is proud to present a wide range of courses for July and August, for all interested parties. Courses and seminars regarding Intelligence Property Rights and Company Secretary Regulations are newly organized, which targets on employees from administrative or company secretarial aspects, enhancing their professional knowledge and skills in cope with the increasing work demands. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with Economic Digest to provide a series of CPT courses about Corporate Finance and Listing Rules. Through the analysis of the successful cases, this course can help participants to make a right business decision and strategy. Upon completion of the course, not only will the certificate be distributed to participants, they can also have a free membership at International Financial Management Association (IFMA).

Interested parties can have a visit at our website: www.bmiptc.com;
Or contact Ms. Cecilia Wong at (852) 3970 9234 / lcwong@bmintelligence.com

Course Code

Course name

CPD/CPT hours


Does my company need an IP strategy?



Share Option Scheme for Listed Companies



Keys for a successful IPO in Hong Kong



Enterprise Resources planning Strategies-Case 1



Risk Preverntion on Business Contract and Debt Management in developing Mainland market



Enterprise Resources Planning Strategies - Expense Claim System



(1)Business and Assets Reorganization in Preparation for Listing



(2)Due Diligence Investigation Conducted by Sponsor for IPO



(4) Listing Procedures and Latest Regulations



(5) Corporate Valuation and Accounting and Financial Arrangements



(6) Post-listing Public Relations Strategies



(7) Case Studies of Successful Listing



Recently Successful IPO and Public Circular Cases of BMI Appraisals Limited:

Valuation Projects
Company name : Code Agriculture (Holdings) Limited
Stock code :8153
Circular issue date : 29/04/2011
Project Nature : Property valuation
Company name : Soluteck Holdings Limited
Stock code : 8111
Circular issue date : 16/05/2011
Project Nature : Business Valuation
Company name : Vital Group Holdings Limited
Stock code : 1164
Circular issue date : 23/05/2011
Project Nature :Property and machinery & equipment valuations
Company name : Hao Tian Resources Group Limited
Stock code : 0474
Circular issue date : 25/05/2011
Project Nature : Mine valuation
Company name : Gemini Property Investments Limited
Stock code : 0174
Circular issue date :31/05/2011
Project Nature : Property valuation

BMI Merger And Acquisition Market Limited ˇX Projects Promoting

BMI Merger And Acquisition Market Limited is engaged in providing one-stop merger and acquisition service, thus providing customers and investors with the highest efficiency and profits. Here below are projects introduced in this quarter, for enquiries, please contact us at (86) 755 8256 9697.

Project Name


Project Profile

A colliery integrated system, raising capital $30,000,000


Automation, informatization and digital systems for coal mine, with proprietary intellectual property rights,/span>

Capital raising of 100,000,000 by A precise chemical engineering company, raising capital of $100,000,000

Northern China

Mass production of environmental chloroacetic acid and derivative products, with cost advantage

Yangon open coal mine, transferring of 67% of equity interests


Government-owned, low-sulfur coking coal, 6,000 cal, with storage of 35,000,000 tones, all licenses available

An electronics company, financing $30,000,000 with its equity


Automotive audio-visual navigation, with import and export rights and 12 patents

Transfer of Jiuzhaigou Valley Hotel


Including 300 guest rooms of 16,538m2 , with right of use for 30 years, its valuation amounting to approximately $110,000,000


BMI Surveyors Limited ˇV Prime Shop and Home for Sale

BMI Surveyors Limited is an international real-estate service provider. We provide a full range of real estate services, spanning from corporate occupier services to strategic consultancy, project appraisal, valuation, feasibility studies and market research, property management, facilities and asset management and transactional services. Following are some of our promoting projects.

Shop: Knutsford Terrace, Tsim Sha Tsui
Home: One Central Residences, Macau

  • Area - 2,500 sq. ft. gross approx.
  • Ceiling Height ˇV 16 ft. approx.
  • Frontage ˇV 22 ft. approx.
  • Good Operator with Long Lease
  • Asking Price: HK$80 M
  • Area - 1,200 sq. ft. gross approx.
  • 1 Ensuite & 1 Bedroom
  • Full Sea View
  • 5-storey Club House
  • Asking Price: HK$9.9 M

For details, please contact Mr. Steve Luk at (852) 2593 9639/ sluk@bmintelligence.com or Ms. Miu Mau at (852) 253 9687/ mmau@bmintelligence.com


Infiniti utilizes cutting edge global and local real estate/investment market trends to offer the best recommendations to our owner occupier and investor clients to locate the most suitable properties and achieve the best return for their investment portfolios. Our multi-lingual and professional team is highly motivated to act for our clients' best interests at every detail of our services with a goal to establish long term relationships. We aim to uphold our strong reputation and impressive track record in value added services with accuracy and integrity to our clients.

Larvotto, South Side by SHK

Villa De Victoria, The Peak

  • Best QUALITY Building in South Side by SHK
  • Unique (Three combined units with Private Terraces, 3 joint CP units)
  • Tower 6, 7ABC, Total Size 3831 SF + 1445 Private Terraces
  • Unique One Floor for SALE in HK$100M
  • Rare 180 Degree Full Panoramic Harbour City View
  • Duplex Penthouse on the Peak with Private Rooftop
  • Unique Contemporary Design with Internal Staircase
  • 4 Bedrooms plus 1 Study, and an Open Kitchen
  • To Sell By Offer

The Peak ˇV Kellet Road

Pokfulam Court

  • Brand New Deluxe Interior Design
  • House, 4500 S.F
  • 4 Bedrooms in Loft Design
  • Basement + Private Garden
  • For Sale: HK$ 238M
  • Stylish designer flat with quality finishing
  • Spacious layout, Balcony with open view
  • 1,800 sq.ft, 3 Bedrooms / 2 baths, with 1 Car Park
  • For Sale: HK$23.8M


  • Completion October 2011
  • Spacious layout with balcony
  • Racecourse or harbor view
  • Environment friendly interior
  • Full facilities and CP options
    28A, 906 s.f with 2 Bedrooms at 16.8M
    28B, 1161 s.f with 3 bedrooms at 18.8M
    28C, 1161 s.f with 3 bedrooms at 20.8M
    35D, 906 s.f with 2 bedrooms 19.8M
    8th floor terrace flats starting at 18.8M

For details, please contact Judy Chai at (852) 3970 9288/ (852) 9687 8831 or jchai@infinitip.com

Department Contact Telephone Email
BMI Consultants Limited Mr. Lowell Lo (852) 2593 9688 llo@bmintelligence.com
BMI Appraisals Limited Ms. Joannau Chan (852) 2593 9634 jwfchan@bmintelligence.com
BMI Professional Translation Services Limited Mr. Willis Ho (852) 2593 9616 who@bmintelligence.com
BMI Corporate Services Limited Ms. Carol Cheung (852) 2593 9661 ccheung@bmintelligence.com
BMI Innovation Limited Ms. Sarah Chan (852) 3970 9230 schan@bmintelligence.com
BMI Investment Migration Services Limited Mr. William Mak (852) 6303 1010 wmak@bmintelligence.com
BMI Funds Management Limited Mr. Ricky Ngan (852) 3582 2788 rngan@bmintelligence.com
BMI Surveyors Limited Mr. Steve Luk (852) 2593 9639 sluk@bmintelligence.com
BMI Business Centre Services Limited Mr. Manuel Chan (852) 2593 9627 mchan@bmintelligence.com
BMI Merger and Acquisition Market Limited Mr. Tony Wong (852) 2593 9650 twong@bmintelligence.com
BMI Securities Limited Mr. Elton Man (852) 3575 1314 eman@bmintelligence.com
BMI Technology IP Services Limited Mr. Benny Yiu (852) 3970 9243 benny.yiu@bmintelligence.com
BMI Professional Training Centre Limited Ms. Cecilia Wong (852) 3970 9234 clwong@bmintelligence.com
BMI Search Limited Mr. Jimmy Lee (852) 2593 9619 jimmylee@bmisearch.com
Modern Secretaries Limited Ms. Eva Lam (852) 2159 5003 eva.lam@modernsec.com.hk
Infiniti Pacific Properties Limited Ms. Judy Chai (852) 3970 9288 jchai@infinitip.com
BMI Corporate Advisory (Shanghai) Limited Ms. Linda Wang (86) 21 6346 1200 lindawang@bmintelligence.com
BMI Consultants (Shenzhen) Limited Ms. Julia Wang (86) 755 8256 9699 juliawang@bmintelligence.com
BMI Corporate Advisory (Xiamen) Limited Mr. Patrick Gong (86) 592 8266 642 patrickgong@bmintelligence.com
BMI Advisory Pte Ltd. Mr. Kam You Kin (65) 6535 9595 yk@bmintelligence.com

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